We’re moving! We’ll be located at 2955 North Meridian Street, Suite 250, Indianapolis, 46208 starting June 1. Reach us at kids@indysow.org and 317.202.9100.

Participant Toolkit

Thank you for joining us to raise awareness and funds to help end homelessness through education. We greatly appreciate your support and willingness to use your voice to share with others about School on Wheels.

We are here to help you reach your goal. Reach out to Shannon Cochran at shannon@indysow.org or 317-202-9100 with any questions.


1. Click the “Register” button on the main Share the Love homepage to get started. You can register using Facebook, Google, Twitter or by email. If using email, you will be able to link your page to social media later.

2. Follow the prompts to learn how to manage your page. Personalize your page by adding a profile photo, sharing about why you support School on Wheels, and setting your personal fundraising goal.

2. Make a donation and invite others to join you. Use the tabs in the left side menu to complete activities and invite others to support your efforts. If you set a personal fundraising goal, you’ll see a tab “Raise at least…” where you can make the first donation then ask your friends and family to join you via email, text, Facebook or Twitter.

Download step by step instructions here.


You are most likely participating in Share the Love because you’ve seen the impact of School on Wheels’ programs firsthand, or witnessed the detrimental impact of homelessness on a child’s education. Your personal connection to the cause is your best fundraising tool. Take some time to think about your reasons for supporting School on Wheels, and use your story (or stories from tutoring, the classroom, etc.) to fundraise through emails, social media, phone calls, and conversations.

We’ve created a comprehensive document with tips on how to share your story, make an ask, and inspire those you know to donate. We’ve included sample messaging and how to share your fundraiser as well. Download it here.


Want to add some fun to your campaign? Host an activity and suggest a donation of $5, $10 or more to School on Wheels when people sign up to participate.  You might be surprised how generous people will be when they are given the opportunity to support a good cause while having a great time! You can get creative and create any type of activity, but if you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve come up with a few ideas. You can download plans for successfully hosting each of the following activities here.

1. Host a Trivia Night — Whether you meet in-person or over Zoom, trivia nights are a fun way for people to come together and test their knowledge. We created some helpful tips, put together a bonus round about education and homelessness for you to use if you’d like, and created a downloadable score sheet.

2. Throw a 2022 Winter Olympics Watch Party — We’re extra excited about tuning in for the Olympics this winter. Whatever your favorite event, we’ve put together a plan to host the perfect watch party, including a few easy Olympic themed snacks and even downloadable medals so everyone at your party can feel like a champion.

3. Challenge your friends to a Nailed It! inspired baking competition — You can gather in person or via your favorite online meeting space. Decorate and judge in real time or have people present their final bakes for consideration. Either way, you’ll celebrate some amazing and… not so amazing baked creations. The host gets to pick the winner and everyone comes away with a treat!


We’ll be sharing posts about the campaign and stories about School on Wheels programs and students throughout Share the Love. Following us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter is one of the easiest ways to start sharing the campaign when we launch on January 27 at 7:30 pm!

If you are looking for messaging to customize or some photos to help tell your personalized story, we’ve got you covered there too. Hop over to Dropbox for images and messages you can use across platforms here.


It doesn’t have to be a competition, but let’s be honest — sometimes a little competition makes it more fun. For those who have a competitive streak, here are ways you can challenge yourself and others.

1. Check the leaderboard if you want to see how you are tracking against other people fundraising for this campaign here.

2. Earn badges that are displayed on your personal page when you make progress towards reaching your fundraising goal and when hitting exciting fundraising milestones along the way!

3. Win a Prize! The ultimate reward for this campaign is making sure more students are able to enroll in School on Wheels programs, but we will also be awarding a VIP ticket to the 20th Anniversary Education Celebration on April 28, 2022 to the person who raises the most money for the campaign and to the person who builds the greatest awareness through hosting and inviting people to activities, posting photos, and sharing about the campaign and our programs on social media to help more people learn about School on Wheels. Good luck!