Academic Enrichment Programs

Academic enrichment opportunities are woven throughout our tutoring program in both schools and shelters. Enrichment programs include It’s a WRAP!,  educational workshops, and art activities.

It’s a WRAP! (Writing, Reading, Art, and Performance) is a month-long summer enrichment program for students living at Salvation Army Barton Center. This program is for all age levels and helps prevent summer learning loss.

Volunteers with special skills bring subjects to life by traveling to different tutoring sites and leading hands-on math, science, and art activities for all ages. This includes Science Ambassadors from Corteva Agriscience who provided hands-on science lessons to our kids and employees from Salesforce who taught basic coding.

Art is integrated into the tutoring hour through creativity kits which include hands-on art projects inspired by music, audio tours of museums, information about famous artists, and much more for tutors and students to work on together. In addition, an art workshop is conducted at each tutoring site during the year that provides students with an opportunity to expand their artistic skills and knowledge.