School-based Programs

When children impacted by homelessness live in shelters, they benefit from a wide variety of programs that support their needs. Once they become stably housed, access to services, particularly those focused on children, tend to diminish, while the trauma of homelessness lingers. Children who are “hidden homeless” also do not benefit from shelter services. Those considered “hidden homeless” live doubled up with other families, in motels, in cars, or live in other spaces not meant for habitation. Whether children are considered “hidden homeless” or they have become stably housed, we work in partnership with schools to provide critical academic support to students impacted by the trauma of homelessness.

Through its school-based programs, School on Wheels:

  • Provides one-on-one tutoring in a group setting. Tutoring focuses on homework completion and attaining grade level skills utilizing toolkit activities that contain grade-aligned activities for all ages.
  • Intervenes with push-in and pull-out support during the school day.
  • Offers STAR at select school sites. STAR (Striving Toward Academic Readiness), developed for early elementary students, focuses on core skills such as literacy, print and number concepts, fine motor skills, and social and emotional development.
  • Develops individualized learning plans focused on each student’s unique needs.
  • Facilitates teacher meetings to learn how to best support each student.
  • Coordinates home visits to families.
  • Provides workshops to engage parents in the school community and aids them in becoming advocates for their child’s education
  • Provides behavioral intervention when appropriate.
  • Supplies physical items to prepare each student for the school day ( uniforms, backpacks, school materials, etc.), available to families.